Compound Microscope


Leica DM300, DM2700, DM750, DM8000M & DM12000M Compound Microscope


Check these Leica DM series Compound Microscope details and features, you will be sure to find one which suits your needs and budget. Talk to us to help you find the best match!




Leica DM300 Compound Microscope


The Leica DM300 compound microscope is compact, maintenance-free, and easy to use to provide trouble-free operation each day.

  • Affordable, innovative compound microscope for lab applications
  • Built-in mechanical stage with low position X/Y controls for accurate specimen movement at high magnifications
  • Pre-centered, pre-focused professional condenser system for maximizing the illumination
  • Clearly labeled adjustable iris diaphragm for fine-tuning the image resolution
  • Commonly configured with the binocular tube for comfortable viewing during longer lab sessions


Leica DM2700 Compound Microscope


Leica DM2700 is a  reliable and convenient upright materials microscope with bright universal LED illumination.

The Leica DM2700M is a flexible upright microscope system for Brightfield (BF), Darkfield (DF), Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Qualitative Polarization (POL), and Fluorescence (FLUO) applications. In addition to all incident light applications, the Leica DM2700M can also be equipped with transmitted light.




  • LED-powered illumination (IL & TL) for all ID- relevant contrasting methods
  • Constant color temperature of 4500 K
  • Brightfield, darkfield, interference contrast, polarized light methods, and fluorescence.
  • New IL-axis
  • New manual oblique mode for IL-BF
  • Improved mechanics (IL-axis AP-diaphragm, readability of the  CCDA).
  • High-contrast dark field (20x, 50x, 100x)
  • Macro objective huge field of view (38 mm), easy documentation



Leica DM750 Compound Microscope


The Leica DM750M is an entry-level materials microscope for brightfield, oblique, and polarized light.




  • 4-segment LED illumination for: Incident light brightfield, Oblique contrast, Polarization contrast, Built-in adjustable aperture diaphragm
  • Transmitted Light: Built-in LED illumination – 25.000 hours of service lifetime
  • HI PLAN or N PLAN series Objectives for FOV 20


Leica Wafer Inspection Microscope DM8000M & DM12000M


Inspection, process control, and defect analysis of semiconductor wafers have to be fast, accurate, and ergonomic. The Leica DM8000 M and DM12000 M wafer optical inspection microscopes provide an innovative yet cost-effective system solution for mastering present and future manual inspection challenges with confidence.

Besides extreme large overview capabilities and high-resolution optics, these systems are incorporated in a highly ergonomic design with fully integrated LED illumination allowing the sample to be illuminated from different angles.




  • Larger field of view for faster inspection
  • Highest resolution from every angle
  • Higher quality due to ergonomic design
  • LED illumination for a cleaner environment
  • Stage inserts: 6–8” wafer holder w/wo vacuum, 8–12” wafer holder w/wo vacuum, mask holders, RL plate, glass plate
  • Optical Systems: HC optics (infinity-corrected optical system)
  • Illumination system: Reflected light illumination system with LED; observation methods: brightfield, darkfield, DIC, qualitative POL, oblique, UV, OUV, Integrated automatic aperture diaphragm, Transmitted light illumination system with LED; observation methods: brightfield, qualitative POL, 4-position reflector turret (manual/motorized use)
  • Integrated Focus Finder
  • High precision focus drive


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