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Compression Mounting is the preferred method for optimal edge preservation and highest throughput. Buehler carries compression mounting systems and mounting compounds designed to fit the varying needs of different labs.


Hot Mounting Machine Philippines


Buehler Simplimet 4000 is the fastest mounting press designed for 24/7 use. Eliminate bottlenecks at the mounting stage, rapidly transforming your cut samples to specimens ready for grinding and polishing.


High reliability in 24/7 use environments


The SimpliMet 4000 was tested in extreme conditions and simulated the duty cycle of the busiest labs in the world. This machine provides high reliability in continuous use environments.



Optimize productivity in your space


The SimpliMet 4000 packs fast mounting cycles into limited bench space, optimizing productivity. Fast duplex mounting allows two mounts to be made during the same cycle with minimal increase in cycle time.



Ease of use saves time and protects sample quality


The simple user interface limits errors and protects the quality of your sample prep. Everything you need is right on the front panel. Use the Simplimet 4000 out of the
box without the wait.



Comfortable to use


The single-handed closure mechanism engages quickly, moving you right into your next task



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